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Digitalization of Healthcare: November Newsletter


Welcome to the latest edition of Tiga Healthcare Technologies' Monthly Newsletter, an essential resource for health IT professionals. Here's what you can expect in this edition:

  • Industry News: Stay informed about the most relevant and impactful news stories of health informatics today. We cover breakthroughs, policy changes and significant developments that are shaping the future of healthcare IT.
  • Podcasts: Our list of podcasts is tailored for professionals like you. These episodes feature thought leaders and experts discussing current health informatics trends, challenges and innovations. They're perfect for staying updated while on the go.
  • Upcoming Seminars: Enhance your professional skills and knowledge through our forthcoming seminars. These sessions are designed to provide in-depth understanding and practical skills in various aspects of healthcare IT, from data analytics to patient privacy and security.
Focusing on these areas, our newsletter aims to deliver comprehensive insights and updates to help you stay ahead in the dynamic field of healthcare IT.


  • We attended the 6th GCC eHealth Workforce Development Conference 2023. Our Executive Board Member, Mete Karaca, shared his valuable insights on 'The Future of HIE: Unlocking the Power of Data.'

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  • We announced the live launch of our Research & Development (R&D) section on our website!
  • We highlighted the transformative impact of Tiga, an innovative multilingual software designed to eliminate communication barriers in healthcare, ensuring accurate diagnoses and effective treatments through enhanced understanding and clarity.
  • We have concentrated on AISym4Med - Horizon Europe, a collaborative project led by Fraunhofer Portugal AICOS, aimed at revolutionizing healthcare by leveraging artificial intelligence, focusing on providing access to quality datasets and advancing responsible AI in medicine.
  • We asked 'What is the Biggest challenge in healthcare IT?'.
  • We also explained why none of these challenges are a hurdle for us.
  • We have introduced Sym2Clinic, our groundbreaking project, which will transform our approach to medical care on a broad scale.
  • We have proudly celebrated World Diabetes Day!
  • We announced our participation at HIMSS Eurasia from November 22-24, 2023, where we proudly stand as a silver sponsor.
  • We prepared a curated selection of podcast channels that enlighten and inspire. These channels are more than just discussions; they are gateways to the future of healthcare technology.
  • We share a post about our Academic Advisory Board, comprised of top academicians in health and technology, playing a pivotal role in blending academic expertise with our technological innovations, ensuring our health-tech solutions are both cutting-edge and academically sound, leading the way in healthcare technology.
  • We explained how our PHR transforms a complex process into a testament to how a single action can resonate through the healthcare continuum.
  • As a silver sponsor, we proudly launched our journey at HIMSS Eurasia.

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  • We are thrilled to announce our remarkable achievement at InovaLIG 2023, hosted by the Türkiye Exporters Assembly.
  • We have explained that RehaBeat, an innovative Eurostar project from our R&D team, redefines rehabilitation through its advanced exergaming platform.
  • We recently celebrated a special motivation day, a testament to our commitment to fostering a supportive and engaging work environment.
  • We are debunking the myths surrounding the importance of interoperability in Healthcare IT, emphasizing its critical role in enhancing patient care and system efficiency.


  • South Korea has established a Bio-health Innovation Commission to integrate advanced technologies like AI and nanotechnology into its bio-health sector. This commission, led by the Prime Minister, aims to streamline government efforts in developing and commercializing bio-health technologies. Read more.
  • Indonesia's Ministry of Health launched a Data Services Portal, providing comprehensive access to population health data. This initiative supports research and policy-making in healthcare. Read more.
  • A recent Guidehouse report reveals significant increases in digital health and information technology budgets among health systems for 2024. The survey, conducted with 144 healthcare executives by the Healthcare Financial Management Association, shows an average budget increase of 18.3% from 2019 to 2023. Notably, over 85% of health systems plan to augment their digital and IT budgets in 2024, with nearly half expecting moderate to significant rises. Key investment areas include cybersecurity, electronic health record modernization, digital care, advanced analytics, AI and machine learning. The need for enhanced cybersecurity and operational capabilities drives these investments. However, 72% of those not increasing budgets cite a need for more funding. The report highlights the challenge for smaller hospitals, balancing cybersecurity needs with financial constraints, and suggests government incentives for these institutions. Read more.
  • Tiga Healthcare Technologies achieved significant success at 'Türkiye Innovation Week,' one of Türkiye's leading events in the field of innovation, hosted by the Turkish Exporters Assembly. Celebrating its 10th year, the event focuses on developing and expanding the innovation ecosystem and bringing together ideas that will shape the future. At InovaLIG 2023, organized to discover innovation's power and inspire, Tiga came second in the Innovation Results category. This success highlights the company's innovative healthcare IT approaches and sustainable achievements. Read more.





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