Exergaming EmoCargo

Exergaming EmoCargo innovates mental health therapy with a VR game focused on cargo delivery, intertwined with emotional biofeedback. It aims to blend fun with enhancing emotional well-being. The game adapts to users' emotional states, offering a personalized therapeutic setting that helps manage emotional challenges, foster resilience and improve emotional regulation and mental health.

  • Eurostar Project


Exergaming EmoCargo promises many benefits, including heightened emotional awareness, effective stress management, accessible support, personalized therapy and valuable insights into patients’ mental states, all contributing to improved well-being and reduced healthcare costs.

Enhanced Emotional Awareness

EmoCargo helps users become more aware of their emotional triggers and responses. The VR environment and biofeedback allow individuals to understand their emotional fluctuations better. This heightened awareness is crucial for effective dynamic management and overall mental well-being.

Stress Reduction

Through immersive gameplay and biofeedback, individuals can visually see their stress levels, helping them employ relaxation techniques to manage their stress in real-time. The game's calming scenarios and tasks are designed to reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.

Accessible Mental Health Support

This technology makes mental health support accessible from the comfort of one's home, eliminating barriers like location and stigmatization associated with traditional therapy visits. It's a step forward in making mental health care more inclusive and reachable.

Encouraged Physical Activity

The nature of exergaming requires physical movement, thereby promoting physical health. This aspect is essential as physical health is closely linked to mental well-being.

Personalized Therapeutic Experience

EmoCargo adapts to users' emotional responses, providing a customized experience. This customization makes therapy more relevant and effective, catering to individual needs and conditions.

Improved Patient Engagement

The interactive and engaging setup of EmoCargo increases patient engagement. Patients are more likely to consistently interact with an entertaining and immersive platform, leading to better therapeutic outcomes.

Real-time Emotional State Tracking

Patients and healthcare professionals can monitor emotional states in real-time with biofeedback. This immediate response system allows for the timely application of coping strategies and interventions.

Data-Driven Mental Health Insights

The data collected through biofeedback provides valuable insights into patient's mental health, allowing for a more informed and evidence-based approach to treatment.

Strengthened Patient-Practitioner Relationship

Continuous data sharing improves communication and understanding between patients and practitioners, strengthening their relationships and enhancing the care process.

Reduced Healthcare Costs

By providing practical, accessible mental health care, EmoCargo can reduce the frequency of traditional therapy sessions and associated costs, easing the financial burden on healthcare systems.

Benefits for Patients:

Patients benefit from Exergaming EmoCargo through its accessible, personalized and engaging approach to mental health care. The game's ability to enhance emotional awareness, reduce stress and encourage physical activity significantly improves psychological and physical health. The real-time emotional state tracking also empowers patients to take active roles in their mental health journey, fostering independence and resilience.

Benefits for Health Professionals:

Health professionals benefit through data-driven insights into their patients' mental states, allowing for more precise care strategies. The continuous patient engagement and strengthened communication lines make management more effective, enhancing overall patient outcomes. Also, EmoCargo's innovative approach is an excellent supplementary tool to traditional therapeutic methods.

Benefits for Health Authorities:

The widespread adoption of Exergaming EmoCargo for health authorities could significantly reduce healthcare costs due to decreased reliance on high-frequency, in-person therapy sessions. Improved general public mental health can reduce hospital admissions and healthcare resource allocation. Moreover, the data collected can inform future mental health strategies, ensuring resources are used effectively and policies are more evidence-based.