AI & Analytics


Our products are tailored to meet the dynamic needs of AI and healthcare IT, integrating seamlessly into existing systems for maximum efficiency. Focusing on predictive analytics and personalized care, we enable providers to make informed decisions and improve patient outcomes. Our commitment to continuous innovation ensures that healthcare professionals stay ahead of the curve, benefiting from the latest AI advancements.

ShareMind - Health Analytics Platform

Health Analytics Platform, branded as ShareMind, combines predefined machine learning models with data analysis for researchers to develop their models. This platform ensures effective and secure healthcare research by allowing access to comprehensive analysis of sensitive health data without being directly shared with platform users.

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Predis is an advanced early warning system and AI-based robust healthcare data analysis platform that delivers insights crucial for informed public health decision-making. Predis is a critical player in healthcare data analytics and contributes significantly to improving public health decision-making processes through data-driven strategies.

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AISym4Med stands as a testament to the potential of AI in healthcare, led by Fraunhofer Institute and backed by the European Union’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

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Autononym, an innovative automatic AI-driven tool, revolutionizes data confidentiality by anonymizing personal information across various data types—visual, tabular or free text.

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