AISym4Med stands as a testament to the potential of AI in healthcare, led by Fraunhofer Institute and backed by the European Union’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

  • Co-funded by the European Union


AISym4Med is dedicated to creating a platform that will equip healthcare data engineers, practitioners, and researchers with a reliable dataset system enhanced with controlled data synthesis for experimentation and modelling. This platform intends to ensure data privacy and security by integrating innovative anonymization methods, attribute-based privacy approaches, and dependable tracking systems.

Distributed Health Architecture

A distributed architecture for health data encompasses decentralized nodes for collecting, aggregating, and analyzing medical information. This setup aims to streamline data flow and enhance analysis efficiency.

Synthetic Data Expansion

The architecture extends experimentation capabilities by using reliable and scalable data. It enriches datasets, providing a broader base for research and development.

Trust and Privacy

A dedicated solution within the architecture ensures the trustworthiness and privacy of data. It focuses on protecting sensitive information while maintaining data integrity and accessibility.

Data Management Validation

The architecture includes mechanisms for validating data management and experimentation functionalities. It ensures that the processes are efficient and effective against realistic healthcare scenarios.

Scalability of Synthetic Data

The system is designed to ensure the scalability and exploitation of the synthetic data platform. It allows for the growth and extensive use of synthetic data, meeting diverse and expanding needs.

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Benefits for Patients:

Patients gain from more equitable and bias-free healthcare solutions, ensuring better and more accurate diagnoses and treatments. The strict compliance with legal and ethical standards also ensures their data is protected and used responsibly. 

Benefits for Health Professionals:

They benefit from access to better tools and resources, enhancing their ability to provide care. The commitment to scientific excellence and bias elimination also means they can trust the solutions supplied by AISym4Med.  

Benefits for Healthcare Systems, Providers and Authorities:

By promoting legal and ethical use of health data, stakeholder collaboration and community-level benefits, AISym4Med supports a more robust and trusted health ecosystem.