Green Information Declaration

Word from the CEO

Dear Stakeholders,

The deepening climate crisis and the unprecedented challenges intensified by the Covid-19 pandemic have necessitated a fundamental shift in corporate mindsets. This shift compels companies to adopt a holistic and sustainable approach, integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles into their operations. Aligned with the path pointed out by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, examples of different ways of doing business and efficiency models should proliferate in the healthcare IT sector.

At Tiga Healthcare Technologies, we envision a future where human-centered technology design coexists with a healthy planet. We aspire to integrate this vision into our company by merging sustainable practices with a responsibility to harmony with nature. Realizing this vision demands collaborative efforts, we recognize that we are part of a global movement. Therefore, we focus on sustainability and collaboration in all our business decisions, ensuring value creation for generations to come.

Our agile structure has demonstrably adapted to sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles, positioning Tiga as a leading symbol of change within the healthcare IT sector. By seamlessly integrating a patient-centric approach with an environmentally conscious infrastructure, we have achieved a successful and ongoing sustainable transformation.

A comprehensive assessment of social and economic impact areas, stakeholder expectations and our corporate strategy informed the development of our rich sustainability vision. This vision is now deeply embedded within our corporate culture and business models. We firmly believe that a healthier future results from environmentally responsible development practices. As a result, we actively support the World Health Organization's 'One Health' initiative. This accountable approach recognizes the fundamental connection between human health and environmental well-being.

Likewise, we utilize strategic national and international partnerships while adhering to global standards like ISO 14001 for Environmental Management Systems. Consequently, we set up the sustainable use of natural resources and environmental protection, keeping the needs of future generations at the center of our decision-making processes.

Looking ahead, we are firmly devoted to surpassing global 2030 zero-carbon targets by continuously optimizing our healthcare IT service performance. This pursuit of efficiency will run parallel to our accelerated sustainable growth strategies. Recognizing our leadership role within the healthcare IT sector, a sector critical to a sustainable future and the well-being of generations to come, we will continue to uplift our strengths to take decisive action.

With this ambitious vision in mind, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to all our employees and stakeholders for their invaluable contributions to our sustainability journey. Together, your belief has been instrumental in propelling Tiga towards achieving global goals. Let's shape the future together, as always!

Best regards,

Adem Ali Yılmaz
CEO of Tiga Healthcare Technologies