Oncolab is a groundbreaking robotic oncology drug preparation system. Aiming to prevent incorrect dosage and sterilization mishaps in drug preparation processes, Oncolab eliminates human errors and prepares oncology drugs with accurate compound ratios, precise dosages and impeccable sterilization.

  • TÜBİTAK Project


Oncolab revolutionizes drug preparation with its robotic system. This innovation ensures accurate dosages, perfect compound blends and impeccable sterilization. It prioritizes patient safety, offers time efficiency for health professionals and promotes cost savings. Seamlessly integrating with existing systems and reducing waste is a peak of modern healthcare technology.

Enhanced Accuracy

Through automation, the chances of over or under-dosing are significantly reduced. By automating drug preparation, Oncolab guarantees the proper dosage every time, leaving no room for human mistakes.

Superior Sterilization

Sterility is crucial in healthcare. Oncolab's technology eliminates potential contamination sources. The robotic system adheres to the highest sterilization standards, preventing contamination risks. 

Consistent Compound Ratios

Correct compound mix ensures medications work as intended without adverse reactions. Provides the perfect blend of compounds for optimal therapeutic efficacy.

Time Efficiency

Healthcare professionals can reallocate saved time towards enhanced patient care and other critical tasks. Reduces preparation time, allowing healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care.


Mistakes in drug preparation can be lethal. Oncolab prioritizes patient safety above all. Minimizes potential harm from human errors, safeguarding patient well-being.

Seamless Integration

There is no need for massive system overhauls; Oncolab complements existing infrastructures. Designed to integrate smoothly with existing healthcare systems, ensuring ease of adoption.


By reducing errors, we decrease wastage, promoting an eco-friendly healthcare environment. Environmentally friendly, reducing pharmaceutical waste. 

Benefits for Patients:

Enhanced accuracy ensures that patients receive the correct dose, enhancing treatment effectiveness and safety. Superior sterilization diminishes the risk of infections and consistent compound ratios mean treatments are always optimized for the best results.

Benefits for Health Professionals:

Time efficiency allows medical professionals to dedicate more time to direct patient care. The reliability of Oncolab builds trust, ensuring that professionals can depend on it for accurate drug preparation, reducing the strain of double-checking. The reduced need for training means a faster, more straightforward adoption process. 

Benefits for Healthcare Systems, Providers and Authorities:

The system's cost-effectiveness translates to substantial savings for healthcare institutions. Oncolab's sustainability aligns with global pushes for greener healthcare solutions. Seamless integration means that health systems can upgrade without upheaval, ensuring continued, uninterrupted quality patient care.