Elderly Smart Home

Closer is a product that enables at-home care services for senior people at affordable costs. Its main features are emergency detection, motion-aware physical state tracking, rehab and social connectivity.


  • New technical solutions needed for seniors living independently
  • Need for at-home care services at affordable costs for senior people
  • Inefficiencies of existing at-home care products for the senior population
  • Need for replacement of simple solutions like monitoring through intrusive cameras in the market

The rehabilitation-oriented products in the market are complicated devices beyond most seniors’ ability to use independently. The novelty of Closer is that it is the most comprehensive, all-in-one solution on the market that effectively combines:

  • Emergency Detection
  • Motion Aware Physical State Tracking & Rehabilitation
  • Social Connectivity Services Via User-friendly And Accessible Interfaces For Seniors

The solution is powered by medical sensors at home and complex proprietary data analytical capabilities on the cloud network. It directly targets enhancing senior people's health, wellness and social life, assisting them in their daily lives without the continuous surveillance of a caretaker on site. To meet such a system's complexity, scalability and availability requirements, we opted for a multi-tier solution in which multiple components work in an integrated manner.

The purpose of Closer is to improve health activities for older people, to increase the functionality of the elderly, to extend their lifespan and to continue their remaining lives comfortably, peacefully and without suffering.


  • Motion capturing technology of the system uses depth sensors instead of a color camera to respect the older adult's privacy.
  • Instead of monitoring the lives of older adults via video streaming, Closer captures their movements and notifies the caretakers automatically in case of an unusual or emergency.
  • Closer doesn't require any wearable device or sensor, which makes our solution more user-friendly and convenient for their daily activities.
  • Only summarized relevant and low-size metadata is transferred to servers. Therefore, the system decreases customer data transfer and bandwidth costs and increases network efficiency.


Benefits for Elderly

  • Feeling safe at home setting
  • Preserving the state of being healthy
  • Easy access to relatives
  • Getting socially connected
  • At-home care services at affordable costs
  • Real-time health status checking
  • Increase in the quality of life
  • Decrease in health expenses

Benefits for Caregivers

  • Parents and relatives monitor the health status of the elderly
  • Decrease in the cost of elderly care

Benefits for Health System

  • Reduction of expenses in elderly care
  • The healthier aging of citizens is supported
  • Widening the accessibility of healthcare services