Drug Traceability

Counterfeit and substandard drugs cause tens of thousands of deaths each year. With our Drug Traceability products, we develop information systems that track and trace all stages of medicines from production to the patient on a national scale, strengthening countries' efforts to ensure drug safety and the reliability of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

As Tiga Healthcare Technologies, we are revolutionizing drug safety with our cutting-edge Drug Traceability products. Our Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System significantly enhances patient safety by blocking the infiltration of counterfeit and substandard drugs into the market. Designed to encompass all stakeholders within the supply chain, our system ensures comprehensive coverage and security. Our mobile application empowers individuals to effortlessly access drug information wherever they are, providing unparalleled convenience and assurance. Moreover, our Aggregation Management product streamlines handling packages and pallets during production and logistics operations, optimizing efficiency. We are setting new drug safety and traceability standards through these innovative solutions.

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