Drug Traceability

Counterfeit and substandard drugs cause tens of thousands of deaths each year. To enhance the safety of drugs and the security of the pharmaceutical supply chain, countries are implementing regulations to identify and track drugs throughout their journey to the patient. Drug track and trace improve patient lives by preventing the entry of counterfeit and substandard drugs into the system.

DrugXafe - Drug Track & Trace System

DrugXafe provides drug safety and prevents counterfeiting. The system follows the supply chain from the production to the end-user by using the electronic product code.

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DrugXafe Mobile App

DrugXafe Mobile App offers people easy access to their medicine information 24/7 from anywhere on the internet. It enables users to check if the drugs are counterfeit, recalled and expired with the help of the data matrix.

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Aggregation Management System

The aggregation management system facilitates the identification of each serial number in a given package associated with a main serial number for that particular container, creating a parent-child association of the serial numbers. It groups multiple serial numbers of the product units.

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