Tiga Products

Our products are crafted for full interoperability, guaranteeing seamless platform integration. We place the human at the heart of every solution, emphasizing their experience and requirements. Dive into our seamless collection and experience the unique touch of Tiga.

Healthcare Interoperability

FHIR Stack is a central data solution that stores health records with seamless integration of FHIR protocol. Read More >>

Clinical Master Data Management links identity and reference data across multiple healthcare solutions into... Read More >>

Terminology service enables the building and management of terminology content by creating a structure in the... Read More >>

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Viewer is a product that improves the speed, quality and safety of patient care... Read More >>

Patient Engagement

Personal Health Record (PHR) provides 24/7 access to all citizens' health records and gives them control... Read More >>

The e-Appointment application enables patients and healthcare professionals to interact more efficiently and... Read More >>

e-Referral enables patients to be referred to another healthcare provider electronically for a different... Read More >>

Pharma Management

e-Prescription is a centralized system that covers all the prescribing processes with the integration of... Read More >>

e-Pharmacy is a product that handles the necessary controls at the pharmacy level in the pharmacy... Read More >>

The Drug Management System is a product that directs healthcare providers to quality drug practices by ensuring... Read More >>

Drug Traceability

DrugXafe provides drug safety and prevents counterfeiting. The system follows the supply chain from the... Read More >>

DrugXafe Mobile App offers people easy access to their medicine information 24/7 from anywhere on... Read More >>

The Aggregation Management System facilitates the identification of each serial number in... Read More >>

Population Health Management

The Disease Management System is a product that collects data for creating care guidelines integrated with... Read More >>

Health Analytics, branded as ShareMind, is a platform that combines predefined machine learning models... Read More >>

Predis is a robust healthcare data analysis service that delivers real-time insights crucial for informed public health... Read More >>

Electronic Medical Record System (EMR)

Clinical operation solutions are developed for monitoring and managing the patients' entire medical treatment... Read More >>

Administration solutions are used for managing the patients and facility staff, as well as automating the billing.... Read More >>

Personalized Healthcare

Closer is a product that enables at-home care services for senior people at affordable costs. Its main features are... Read More >>

CPlayer is a rehabilitation system that can be easily used at home to increase the continuity and frequency of... Read More >>