Healthcare Interoperability

Healthcare interoperability is the combination of devices and systems exchanging and using electronic health data from other devices and systems. It covers the technologies and solutions used in patient care to ensure data sharing to deliver personalized care and effective healthcare services.

FHIR Stack

FHIR Stack is a central data solution that stores health records with seamless integration of FHIR protocol. It is interoperable with healthcare systems to develop new clinical solutions with integrated care models.

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Enterprise Master Patient Index

Enterprise Master Patient Index links identity and reference data across multiple healthcare solutions into a consistent point of reference.

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Terminology Service

Terminology Service enables the building and management of terminology content by creating a structure in the National and International Clinical Terminology standards. With the terminology, all health records are managed with a correct encoding.

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Health Information Exchange (HIE) Viewer

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Viewer is a product that improves the speed, quality and safety of patient care by allowing healthcare organizations to access and share each patient's data securely. It provides detailed information about the patient's current health conditions, medications, treatments, diseases, allergies and lab results to the healthcare professionals.

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