Tiga Products

Our products are designed and developed for full interoperability, guaranteeing seamless platform integration. We place the human at the heart of every solution, focusing on patient's experiences and requirements. Dive into our seamless products and experience the unique touch of Tiga.

FHIR (Fast Health Interoperability Resources) is a HL7 standard protocol for healthcare interoperability. Read More >>

Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) comprises the processes, governance, policies, standards and tools that... Read More >>

Terminology Server enables the building and management of terminology content by creating a structure in the... Read More >>

Health Information Exchange (HIE) Viewer improves patient care's speed, quality and safety by allowing... Read More >>

Personal Health Record (PHR) is an electronic health record system that offers patients 24/7 access to their... Read More >>

e-Appointment system allows patients to conveniently schedule family physician, hospital, vaccine and dentistry... Read More >>

e-Referral enables the electronic referral of patients for obtaining a different expert opinion, undergoing tests... Read More >>

e-Prescription is a centralized system that covers all relevant stakeholders in the country and handles electronic... Read More >>

e-Pharmacy handles the necessary controls at the pharmacy level in dispensing and presents the... Read More >>

The Drug Data Management is a product that directs healthcare providers to quality drug practices by ensuring... Read More >>

The Pharmaceutical Track and Trace System, branded as DrugXafe, provides drug safety and prevents... Read More >>

DrugXafe Mobile App offers easy access to information on medicine. It enables users to access information on... Read More >>

The Aggregation Management System identifies each product's serial number in a package with the main serial... Read More >>

Health Analytics Platform, branded as Tiga ShareMind, combines predefined machine learning models... Read More >>

Predis is an early warning system, using advanced data analysis and specially developed artificial intelligence... Read More >>

Autononym, an innovative automatic AI-driven tool, revolutionizes data confidentiality by anonymizing.... Read More >>

Health Analytics & Reporting provides standardized and customizable data analytics and business... Read More >>

Chronic Disease Management offers central/national disease management and treatment plans for... Read More >>

Predis is an early warning system, using advanced data analysis and specially developed artificial intelligence... Read More >>

MobiThera - Remote Physiotherapy & Ergotherapy App is a trailblazing health application redefining... Read More >>

Hospital Information Management System (HIS) Clinical Solutions offer an integrated structure that manages all... Read More >>

Hospital Information System (HIS) Administration Solutions offer an integrated structure that manages all administrative.... Read More >>