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As Tiga Healthcare Technologies, we have been shaping the global landscape of information technologies about healthcare solutions and pharma track and trace technology with our human-centered vision and proactive and solution-oriented perspective since 2007. Our commitment to patient-centricity is at the heart of our operations, ensuring that each solution is tailored to meet patients' unique needs and experiences. We touch the lives of millions of people as a pioneer of digitalization in health due to our health informatics solutions that focus on patient safety, data management and data analysis. In other words, we shape the future together by creating an analyzable, sustainable and improvable health ecosystem.

We proceed with an innovative vision that constantly improves itself by adopting the principle of customer satisfaction in our proven and globally leading projects. As a result of all our efforts, as Tiga Healthcare Technologies, we pioneer health informatics, benefiting individuals, society, public health authorities, regulators and professionals with the technologies we develop. 

Who We Are?

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Why Tiga?

As Tiga, we always put patients first and empathize with them. We know that patient trust is one of the most crucial elements in healthcare, so we use digital data analytics services to engage patients and improve their experience, collecting data on outcomes and unmet needs. Our proven technology allows patients to access and manage their health records from anywhere and anytime.

In addition to patient engagement, we ensure drug safety with our drug tracking and tracing technologies, prevent parallel trade and keep records of every drug produced and distributed. To decrease costs while improving the ease of access to health services, smart solutions are inevitable! Our innovative solutions help improve healthcare decisions and increase patient participation and satisfaction. With over 17 years of experience in healthcare technologies, we have become one of the pioneers in healthcare.  

Our confidence grows as our proven technologies in healthcare reach every corner of the globe. Our relentless pursuit of breakthrough innovations is not just a commitment; it's our passion to redefine the future of information technologies and healthcare. We are not just a healthcare industry participant. We are a pioneer that develops the ecosystem and shapes the future of the industry with our technologies. Let’s shape the future together!