Population Health

Population Health defines health status and outcomes within a group rather than considering one person's health at a time. Population Health must be more integrated and managed effectively to drive healthcare forward. Tiga Healthcare Technologies has developed groundbreaking systems, namely, Health Analytics and Disease Management systems, to improve population health.

Health Analytics & Reporting

Health Analytics & Reporting, a type of population health management software, delivers standardized health data analytics and BI reporting on healthcare activities and shared data. This enables the analysis of health measures for the population, the efficacy of healthcare systems and compliance.

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Disease Management

The Disease Management System is a product that collects data for creating care guidelines integrated with the external health system. It includes chronic diseases and their treatment plans and it is also reachable for patients to follow their care plans.

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Predis is an advanced early warning system and AI-based robust healthcare data analysis platform that delivers insights crucial for informed public health decision-making. Predis is a critical player in healthcare data analytics and contributes significantly to improving public health decision-making processes through data-driven strategies.

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