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Slide Smart Solutions in Health
Patient Centricity Proven Technology Security in Health Data Experience in Health Tiga? As Tiga, we have been shaping the future of healthcare since 2007. By digitalizing all processes of the services, we make healthcare reach everyone.

With our proven technology, patients can access and manage their health records 24/7 from anywhere. Also, with the technology that we’ve offered, we provide drug safety, prevent parallel trade, and keep the records of each produced and dispensed medicine.
To decrease costs while improving ease of access to health services, smart solutions are inevitable!

Our smart solutions like Pharmaceutical Track & Trace System Mobile App and Patients Portal enable to improve healthcare decisions, increase patient participation and satisfaction, ensure safe and effective use of medicine, utilize workforce and reduce costs.
Patient-centricity is at the heart of Tiga’s services. It is the process of designing a service or product based on the patient’s needs.

As Tiga, we always put the patient first and empathize with them. We know that the patient trust is everything in healthcare and that’s why we harness digital data analytics services to engage patients, improve their experience, and collect data on outcomes.
Why Choose In today's world, experience in healthcare matters more than ever! We know that patients are looking for exceptional engagement and experiences to tie in with healthcare services.

We have more than 14 years of experience in the field and continue to advance boundaries of healthcare services. We combine technology with healthcare services to improve patient empowerment and interoperability.
The healthcare ecosystem has always been changing and adopting new technologies rapidly.

Given the sensitive nature of healthcare data, it is crucial for healthcare providers to have a robust and reliable information security service. By using our proven technology, we have performed billions of health data transactions with the highest data privacy.

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