30 April 2021

What is Disease Management and What Are Its Benefits to Patients?

One of the most important topics in the health sector is disease management. This issue is of great importance for patients to have a more effective […]
29 April 2021

What Are HL7 and FHIR Standards?

The FHIR data model is a standard for defining resources and associated metadata, such as clinical content and other pertinent system information such as the EHRs […]
28 April 2021

How to Make Telehealth Safer and More Effective

How to Make Telehealth Safer and More Effective Telehealth has been the lifeblood of health organizations during the pandemic, but greater access to virtual care has […]
27 April 2021

5 Key Steps for Effective Remote Patient Monitoring

One of the most important benefits of remote patient monitoring is to ensure that clinicians are cautious in sensitive treatment conditions. This service provides more clinical […]
26 April 2021

10 Essential Benefits of E-Prescription

E-Prescription provides many benefits to everyone, from the doctor prescribing medicines to the pharmacist giving their medicines to patients. Imagine that you are a family doctor […]
22 April 2021

Clean Pharmaceutical Supply Chain with Full Traceability

Surveys show that counterfeit and substandard drugs, which cause the death of tens of thousands of people, largely affect young children living in poor countries. Low-quality […]
21 April 2021

How Do You Make Your Website HIPAA Compliant?

Before we create a HIPAA compliant website, we need to know what HIPAA means. It is the acronym for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act […]
20 April 2021

What Are the Benefits of Patient Portal?

Patient portal provides patients with easy access to health records, as well as benefits such as electronic prescription and online doctor appointment. Portals, which aim to […]
19 April 2021

What Do Patients Think About Virtual Health Services?

Surveys conducted by large organizations such as Deloitte in the field of health shows that patients are beginning to accept virtual health services, but expect patients’ […]